Agent Provocateur?

So you are standing together with some colleagues chatting and joking about, well, management. What else could you do at Bond University to keep up your spirit?

Then someone I hardly have seen before joins the group and after a short while starts to greet you with the Hitler Gruss.

Now, I do not know about you, but that does not happen to me a lot, actually it never happened to me when I was living in Austria for 40+ years.

What - if you were not completely perplexed, which I of course never would admit to - would you do or say? Something like

You use the wrong arm. And you have to slap with the other into your face at the same time. Yes, harder.

or, something more on the educating side:

Didn't the war end yesterday?

But then you realize that Australia is always at war with some country over the last decades. Its foreign policy is determined by their best friends.

It is only good to know that I am not the only Austrian (or German) to whom this happens in Australia. Some people hate Hitler for all the wrong reasons...

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