Syntactic Christmas, Again

Australians also celebrate christmas around that time. It is not as big as the Easter holidays and not as intrusive as the Indy 300 car race, but it is getting bigger over the years.

More and higher (artificial) christmas trees, more (artificial) red noses on 15-year old girls, and more Santa Clauses meandering in the shopping centers. BTW, they are artificial too. No one has seen the North Pole. Yes, I asked.

It is quite difficult to get into the christmas mood (if there is such a thing) when it has more than 40 degrees outside. Yes, Celsius. And yes, plus.

So Australians try their best with an everything but the kitchen sink approach:

Just to make this abundantly clear: The sleigh and the reindeers are not really genuine. And also the snow may loose a bit of its credibility, if - even at night - it still has 28 degrees.

But, hey, this is Australia anyway, so why stubbornly insist that things have any meaning? And maybe this is just a glimpse into our future: to become anti-semantic bastards.

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