Obligatory Cat Blogging

I recently realized that I have violated one of the unwritten laws of blogging: namely to write an entry about cats, not to forget cat images, of course.


As a consequence I have probably lost my core readership, namely the "U.S. midwestern women in the middle age bracket". That - so I authoritatively read - is the user class which predominantly clicks on ad banners, and therefore it is them who makes Google and the Internet hum.

I am only too happy to end this cat-lessness with a story of my late cat, felicitously called the Sacklpicker (Do not ask). And - in one go - it also unveils the secret around the Internet domain of this site.

Like all wars, it started innocently, this time triggered by several discussions what a web resource were.

my $sacklpicker = new Cat ('sleepy', 'lazy',
                           'hungry', 'cowardly');

And to shift my Bond University students into thinking gear (I know, I know, but can I at least try?) I created this Gedankenexperiment of converting my beloved Sacklpicker into a web resource:

  • Sacklpicker before the operation:


  • Sacklpicker after configuring eth0, currently rebooting:


  • Sacklpicker halted via remote shutdown:


  • Sacklpicker recovering nicely:


I had plans to port Apache to CatOS, but I eventually abandoned the idea once I read that paper. As if toxoplasmosis were not bad enough.

My Bond students were quite unimpressed. Except the usual


the responses were rather ... dirac'sh.

Over time, on the other hand, Google ranked Sacklpicker up to number one (and two). Not sure what this tells us about the Internet, or Google, or the world.

The user group which was quite impressed - although I would have preferred otherwise - were the "U.S. midwestern women in the middle age bracket". I repeatedly received angry emails how cruelly I treated that poor animal. Some threatened to report me to the police.

I always responded that their concern would come far too late, that Sacklpicker had already died - more or less peacefully - in the aftermath and that I had bought more cats. That usually terminated the email exchange quite effectively.

   or die "cats do not cope well with swimming pools";

And the police I kept sending to the neighbors, claiming that they were terrorists building bombs in their rundown backyards. Life can be so easy in Australia.

Long live Sacklpicker!

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Nice cat post

All blogs need pics of cats, 'nuff said ;o)

Inge Henriksen (not verified) | Thu, 01/31/2008 - 10:18


Great post, it combined my two favorite things. Cats and geek slang. When I saw the cat/toilet pic, it immediately reminded me of this video, hilarious: http://www.funnycatvideos.net/cat-uses-the-toilet-and-accidentally-falls...

Anonymous (not verified) | Mon, 02/09/2009 - 21:49