You know you are from Queensland when...

This was too good to leave it unprotected on the open Internet. With some editing.

You know you are from QLD when...

  • Both of your parents were born in another state.
  • You are unsure if you're a racist or not because you have never met someone from outside Australia.
  • You are generally confused why someone would choose to live where the weather is as bad as it is in Melbourne.
  • You don't own an umbrella.
  • You believe 3rd degree sunburn from a solarium in the middle of winter will make you look more attractive. And your girlfriend thinks it does...
  • You are convinced that "Baywatch" is a reality TV show.
  • You insist on ending every other sentence with 'hey'.
  • Travel more than 20mins to work? You have to be kidding, hey!
  • Your license plate says The Smart State yet you have absolutely no idea what the word irony means.
  • You consider the idea of riding on a train exotic.
  • You think that the key difference between a flat white and a latte is that one comes in a mug.
  • Opera, art galleries, music recitals ... are all things that other people do.
  • You live next door to a hospital but will fly interstate for day surgery.
  • Your Pakistani cab driver is actually neurosurgeon, who cannot find work in Australia.
  • You consider a boobjob a great 25th birthday present for your girlfriend. And so does she!
  • You constantly tell yourself that your town is the best of Paris, Dubai, Amsterdam, New York in one spot.
  • You call purified, recycled water yuck water, but you drink the water from the tap.
  • You buy the latest European furniture (which looks like a leftover from eastern Romania).
  • You buy brand new Japanese cars (which look like refurbished 2-year olds from South Korea).
  • The towing service in your town offers a 25 hour (!) service, but when you call it, the voice mail says "I'm fishing at the moment and will return around the late afternoon. Should you still have your problem, call again."


  • You've been reading this thinking that's not right.
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