Update: Perl TM - Topic Maps

Yesterday I have uploaded a new version of my Perl Topic Maps Infrastructure.

Those few of you who were courageous enough to try it out in the past will have suffered from dramatic shifts in the interfaces over the time. I admit that I have been quite selfish in this respect and only satisfied my needs at the time, without regard of much backwards compatibility. Or the quality of the documentation.

Especially in 2004/2005 I experimented with many variations of the package structure to support virtualization, only to learn eventually that object-oriented programming sucks big time. I now use traits and am most happy with it.

Now, over the last weeks I have restabilized much of the code and am slowly filling in all the gaps which I created on the way. While there are still important things missing (I lost for instance XTM support), there is a lot of stuff working, but hidden which may be interesting from an architectural point of view.

To make this more accessible, I have prepared a number of small tutorials how to work with the code. They will help me iron out more problems in the end user experience.

That implicitely carries some promise of future stability and in fact major changes will only go into the 2.0 version.

But - as usual - I will not promise anything.

Work supported by the Austrian Research Centers.

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