Spot the 5 Differences

Here are two versions of "aliens emerging from the sea".



Your task is to figure out the 5 major differences.

Once you have done this, you will have to guess which one is from Botticelli, and which are Gold Coast kids playing in the snow, uhm, I mean foam.

Use the comment form below. It's not really that difficult.

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Link error

The two images are not displayed. Clicking on the image names in the list of attachments results in pages containing just the links of these pages as character strings.

Anonymous (not verified) | Tue, 03/25/2008 - 01:53

Re: Link error

Fixed. The images were there but not in JPEG, but PNM format. Konqueror had no problems showing...

rho | Tue, 03/25/2008 - 08:27