Announce: Perl TM::Easy

On the flight back to Vienna I have created TM::Easy which carries quite some ideas from Mappa and also got some inspiration from RTM.

The basic principle is that you experience a topic map as if it were a Perl hash:

use TM::Easy;
my $mm = new TM::Easy (file => 'somemap.atm');

my $hubert = $mm->{hubert};   # using the item identifier

print $hubert->{name};        # get _some_ name
print $hubert->{name_s};      # get a list of names

# get the name of a thing hubert owns
print $hubert->{-owner}->{object}->{name};

I'll let it sit for a while and will add write-support and other goodness in another iteration.

Work supported by the Austrian Research Centers.

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