Vienna a 24x7 city?

Recently I read on the news that Vienna has become a 24 hour city, such as London or New York, obviously implying that life never stops round the clock. If this is written in a community paper issued by the local city council, then it is probably meant as a good thing.

Firstly, I'm quite critically sensibilized when people claim such things as the Gold Coasters in Australia just loved to compare their city (/me rolling eyeballs sideways) with some other overseas. One week it was Miami, then Dubai, then Paris (/me rolling eyeballs upwards) then it was Amsterdam. Just strange that Gramatneusiedl was never on their list (/me closing eyes, wrinkling forehead).

Let's put the 24x7 claim to the test and let's benchmark it against my tiny universe here close to the Waldmueller Park:

  • from 6:00 onwards the early joggers use the park. Most of them are hardly noticable, except the two old ladies doing Nordic Walking (NW), and Albanian Loud Talking (ALT).
  • from 8:00 the first kids arrive playing football (soccer to be precise).
  • at 9:00 the first Russians arrive. The arrival phase lasts until 9:30 and is accompanied with loud greetings: HOUUUUUUU, HOUUUUUU, HEEEEEEEEY, HEEEEEEEY.
  • from 10:00 onwards we have more HOUUUUs and HEEEEEYs when they are playing, but this is blended with more children arriving and screaming (houuuuus, heeeeeys to be precise).
  • around 13:00 children screaming subsides (probably lunch time), so it has to be replaced by more football playing HOOOOOs and HEEEEEYs from the trainees of the nearby trade school.
  • children screaming comes back at 14:00 and goes max at around 16:00. This is when the one 6 year-old girl (her name is angel grinder) joins. At every scream of hers the CPUs in my Linux machines report intermittent errors. There is something supernatural about her.
  • screaming continues consistently until 19:00
  • this is the time when the adults start streaming into the park. Their conversations usually are on a 1000db level even though the physical distance is usually below 50cm. Which is good, because then you cannot hear the airplanes above flying in over the city from the west (especially when we have east-wind).
  • music starting at 20:00, singing starts at 21:00, clapping and more singing then, loud laughter (as I'm writing this).
  • music stops around 23:00, but loud conversations continue.
  • 23:30 cargo trains start to depart from the nearby freight railroad station. Every 5 minutes one, screeching wheels of those going slowly towards the east.
  • 02:30 still conversations, not so loud, but at the day (uhm, night) time quite discernable
  • 04:00 no more freight trains

This proves a number of things to me:

  • There is a 2-hour gap between 04:00 and 06:00 in the morning where there is hardly any noise (now ignoring the Serb who repairs his bicyle in the inner court at that time and chooses to pump air into the wheels for half an hour). And that finally proofs that Vienna is not yet a 24x7.
  • Learning Russian cannot be that difficult.

Quod erat demonstrandum.

PS: Did I mention that we have a cemetry in the Park? Ok, this is yet another story, but at least I like the sound profile of it.

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