Australia Going Green

Australian politicians are like other politicians. Only more, uhm, australian. Which entitles them to clear opinions, straight views and unabashed public statements.

In the light that Australia's massive coal exports into China probably will account single-handedly for most of the Global Warming, Australia is going green recently. They even go as far as to consider banning one-way plastic bags from shopping malls.

This results in dramatic shifts in policy making. Peter Garrett, Australia's current minister for the environment, let himself be even carried away by saying the following in front of running cameras:

... but, more importantly, what we really know is that there will be options on the table.

Tough talk, dude. Tough talk.

Ah: The ban of plastic bags was now dismissed. It would simply cost families too much to use recyclable bags. Not to mention the profit for Woolworths and Coles.

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