Update: Perl TM 1.39 - Topic Maps

I have just uploaded TM 1.39 as a maintenance release onto CPAN. Mostly minor bug fixes and improvements of documentation.

The only notable thing is the addition of a plugin infrastructure for the tm workbench. That will be used for the TM-Corpus and also the TM Corpus vector space packages I will report on a bit later. They have to do with creating graphical maps from topic maps.

I have not mentioned the workbench yet, as it is still a bit flaky. It is supposed to become a fully-fledged topic map management system on the command line.

For Debian users I have attached an auto-generated debianized version of the package. And, as always:
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Work supported by the Austrian Research Centers.

libtm-perl_1.39-1_all.deb334.1 KB
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