Update: Perl TM 1.41 - XTM support

On the way to a CPAN mirror near you: Perl TM 1.41

During the last days I have added - without much enthusiasm, mind you - XTM support, for versions 1.0, 2.0 (and the intermediate 1.1). Especially 1.0 is cumbersome programming. Let's thank the XTM editors for the much simpler version 2.0.

Support means deserialization and serialization, so you should be able to create valid XML instances in all the above flavors.

Since Perl TM is not following the TMDM as underlying model, there are a few caveats, limitations and deviations from the XTM standards. Still, you should be able to load most XTM maps.

To my surprise, the libxml XPath processor which I am using underneath is not as fast as I had hoped. The deserializer spends 30% of the overall time there. Maybe I will fall back to a streaming parser some other iteration.

A Debian package is attached.

PS: Kudos to Inge who had collected all the XML tags recently. That helped me.

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