June Despair.com Posters

Yes, I have been a bad boy and have skipped the April and May installments. Not from the lack of ideas, but simply of time.

But now I'm back with another dose:

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shameless plugging

I like your taste in demotivator posters. But I've never really been happy with diy.despair.com. The fonts are wrong, the layout is wrong, and interface is just a pain in the ass.

So I made rfjason.com/motimaker and did it right.

Pick a photo, enter some text, choose a color and even control the orientation and size of the final poster. You'll get a poster that looks like this:


It's still in early beta, tested on IE7, FF, Safari, and Opera. (IE6 is not guaranteed.) Bug reports and feedback are appreciated.

Have fun making new posters!

rfjason (not verified) | Mon, 07/21/2008 - 18:53

Re: shameless plugging

You are right. Your posters look MUCH better that those produced with diy.despair.com.

What I find inconvenient is that the picture must be online somewhere first. So I cannot directly upload it from disk. That is not as bad as you might think ;-)

rho | Mon, 07/21/2008 - 21:19