Larger Than Life

Yesterday evening Solomon Burke played in the Arkadenhof inside the Viennese Rathaus. Or should I say held court.

It is amazing to see how a man who can hardly move himself, had to be lifted out of wheel chair and who sat throughout the whole concert on a velvet throne could enthuse a croud, let alone an Austrian one, let alone in Vienna, let alone people in the age bracket I'm in (20 to /\d0/).

But his engulfing personality, his voice, the absolute precise timing of the gospel wording and the perfectly attuned band made an integrated impression. I like integration and individuality.

(And I like of course also the smooth movements of the background singers in their golden glitter minidresses.)

Every song was a highlight and after 2 breakless hours even the subtly-feet-tapping-45-year-olds started to clap in rhythm. For various definitions of rhythm, that is.

Nice. Very, very nice.

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