TMQL: Specification Update

The TMQL editors have delivered a new version (PDF) which incorporates all outstanding issues.

We have also fixed many small editorial problems and also removed all tracers, i.e. intentional mistakes which help checking whether someone actually has read the document.

Just to give people an estimate about the amount of effort: in this year I alone spent 3 weeks on TMQL, something which would not be possible if there were not the support from the Austrian Research Centers Seibersdorf.

For this release, there is NO backing software which guarantees that (a) the grammar is working and (b) the language can be implemented. So TMQL might be implementable, or not. I had done this kind of pro-bono investment in the past, but I have no currently no capacities to continue it.

PS: If you are a potential Ph.D. student reading this, then you might be interested in helping to extend our existing optimization calculus and to map it onto a MapReduce farm.

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