So far from home

It had been warm today. Warmer than usual for that time.

It's evening now, and I can hear the drums through the half-open window. Dark male voices do their 'yeah, yeah, yeah', they also sing in an unknown language. Obviously they are dancing, but I cannot see anything through the bushy trees. Every now and then I hear clapping, more shouting when the song comes to a crescendo.

No, I am not sitting somewhere in Africa, I am right here in the 10th district of Vienna, close to the Waldmüller Park . That district has been taken over completely by people from abroad. But not a single group of country-men, as you would have suspected in a ghetto. No, all nations are here. All.

This (Austria) has become a real multinational country while I have been away. This is very different from, say, Australia, where immigrants are expected to become an australian washed-out copy of themselves.

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