Real, Compared To What?

Here in Vienna there are many theatres. Most of them are pretty large, but there are also tiny ones, specifically featuring less known artists. The Theater am Spittelberg is one of them and last Saturday they produced Sergio Cattaneo & Orchesta Chamuyo de Tango.

We had seen this "argentine tango show" already last year. It is remarkable different from the large tango shows which touch down here on their world tours.

The big shows are extremely artistic, very fast, sport many highly-trained dancers. It is technically impressive to have tango figures where the women are thrown high into the air, just to land flat and soft in the next millisecond.

But they are ultimately hollow. And that is what tango argentino definitely is not.

Sergio's (he's Argentine) charme of broken Viennese-German often brings him into situations where he cannot properly end a convoluted german sentence, except with a "is a wuascht" ("does not matter").

The tango music quartet is international (piano: austrian, bass: hungarian, violine: japanese and - I guess - bandoneon: philippine), consists of outstanding musicians. They play with precision and fervor. And what the tango dancers lack in technique, they make up in attitude.

Finally something real.

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Polish is the end of the world

At the end of the world, all culture will be polished it will shine and sparkle and dazzle us so that we cannot see what is real.

It's a strange world that endorses polish over rough reality in any popular direction. Except, I guess, Tom Waits.

Alex (not verified) | Tue, 08/19/2008 - 13:52

Re: Polish is the end of the world

Right, right and right.

And ironically, there is one Tom Waits album called Real Gone. Playing now.

rho | Tue, 08/19/2008 - 14:32