Random Short Story

The glider was shaking violently. The pilot grew nervous as he continued to loose speed and altitude. He knew that an Aleph 3 was not operational below the troposphere and that he was likely to impact on E6 if he would not solve the problem quickly.

His mission had been to approach E6, shortly descend into its stratosphere, dispatch the man-sized capsule and rejoin the fleet orbiting around E4. But for some reason the capsule would not detach properly, most likely it got caught in one of the straps. It was now dangling behind the glider sending it into violent pitches and yaws.

And the tactical display remained empty. So much about knowledge bases.

He decided that he could not any longer care about the contents of the capsule. Whoever had been in there might already have been killed. He pressed his lips and vectored full downward thrust aft while at the same time steering the craft into a vertical position. His hope was that the drastic slowdown would put any straps into the heat stream of the aft engines, burning them.

When the strap finally snapped, the glider brutally gyrated around its axis. In a reflex reaction the pilot flipped on the autopilot which caught the Aleph 3 after one full rotation.

While he reset the course for the stars, he followed the capsule beacon while it quickly descended into the clouds.

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