TMQL Tutorial at TMRA07

If you happen to be in Leipzig on the 10th of October and you happen to be close to Villa Ida and it happens to be around 9:00 in the morning and you still happen to have no plans for the day, why not attend my 3-hour tutorial about TMQL, the upcoming Topic Maps query language?

Writing a Semantic Web application quickly exposes the need to use a proper query language to effectively access semantic content inside a Topic Map store. This tutorial will first introduce the more conventional language features and will demonstrate how applications can benefit from TMQL in general. It will then cover more advanced topics such as atomification, topic addressing, variables and bindings, association predicates before it turns to content generation of tables, XML and maps. The last part will show how TMQL fits into the TM standards landscape and how the semantics is defined. Potential implementors also can get an opportunity to be walked through existing code of a prototype implementation.

The word goes that I'm very funny, but see for yourself.

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