Parodically Closed

One of my loyal readers (or should I say my only loyal reader?) has sent me a link (loyal readers do that) to

That is a parody - so it claims - of the U.S. governmental site

which - so it claims - informs the U.S. public (and hence the world) about the dangers caused by the post-Bushian world order.

Let me point out: This is all very wrong.

  • First, completely misinterprets most of the symbols. So for example, 1 means "expect more mutant presidents from this part of the world". Or 2 "if the heavens drop, abandon keyboard and CRT screen" (it is ambiguous about LCD flat panels, so you have some wiggle room here). Or 3 "Entrance to Minimundus is here!"
  • Secondly, if you look closer to the official site you will notice more self-ironic material. Which can only mean one thing: the site is a parody of itself.

Theory time!

Definition: A web site is parodically closed if it is indistinguishable from its own parody.

This, btw, is a clever move, because it means that you preempt all further parodies.

Lemma: Any parodically closed web site cannot have a parody.
Proof: That is of course trivial and is left as exercise to my only loyal reader.
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