My Trophy Wife

It is now about a year that my wife has taken over the small trophy family business Barta Pokale.

It has been a steep learning curve for us as the long-established business suffered from several legacies. Now that we removed most of it and turned the business around, we have started to modernize the portfolio.

That means that we not only cover the traditionally obvious sports trophies (Pokale, Sportpokale), the ubiquous and endlessly varying medals (Medaillen, Sportauszeichnungen), but also introduced more modernish glas trophies (Glaspokale, Glastrophaeen), all with the individual engravings (Glasgravuren). Especially the glas thingies can look quite classy. If that is your style, that is.

So far it works quite well, but the outsourcing of the larger engraving work has produced quite some grief in the past. Which means that we are aggressively considering to invest in more heavy machinery to replace our trusty but ageing IS200.

That would allow us also to fulfill my business dream: To become the chief creative director (CCD) for a new trophy line:

Despairment on Glas.
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