CatBert's Conference Carousel

I was just finishing up my last Perl test case for the day, when CatBert hopped onto the table. He sat down just behind the laptop screen and fixated me.

He knew exactly that this drives me crazy as we had been playing this game before. Obviously he wanted to tell me something. But it must always be me who has to fake interest and initiate the conversation.

  • "So what is it now?"

I started without looking away from the annoying exception message my REST controller threw out persistently.

"Well, you remember how one of your Topic Maps papers was rejected at conferences a number of times? That about the TMQL optimization calculus?"
  • "Yeah, what about it? It is still sitting in the pile behind me."
"Not any more. I have submitted it to several conferences in your name."

I looked up.

  • "What? What conferences?"
"Pah, several. And when it got accepted I retracted the paper immediately. And submitted it somewhere else."

My mind was racing. CatBert is always quite cryptic and outworldish, but in the end he always had a point.

"It is a conference DoS. I thought you might appreciate the humor. And it is fun to read the reviewer comments. Lots of material for your blog."

I looked sharply at CatBert. Time for a little boundary setting:

  • "Did you know that cows are fed with pulverized cow meat? That is called cow food and it is a very profitable business.
"Uhm, yes?"
  • "I plan to go into the cat food business."

CatBert scowled at me to see whether I am serious. Finally he shrugged, mumbled a "just wanted to help you", turned and hopped off the table.

Now back to this damn error message.

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