At Dawn, In the Park

It was a standard situation.

The heavy thumping noise was coming from the park, obviously kids had started to play football there. It was 05:00, shortly after sunrise. That is quite an unpleasant start into a Saturday morning.

I got dressed, put on my grim looks and entered the park.

Three boys and two girls were playing, all around 15 years old. From their looks and the fact that girls were taking part I guessed that they were Austrians: Turks never allow girls to do any sports, Serbs are too aggressive when they play, and so are the Poles. And Romanian girls you would not normally see at daylight.

Easy As Pie?

The kids obviously had much fun which I was going to spoil: My standard approach is to place myself into their midst, using my intellectual cueing techniques to launch a shock-and-awe strike. Then I brace myself for their resistance. The rest is the usual argumentation blood bath where I move with high speed and high impact.

The trick is: You have to enjoy what you do. And they have to realize that.

Plot Twist

The one boy next too me looked at me in horror:

"Oh! We did not know that we are not supposed to play now. We will leave immediately."

They left within seconds.

Needless to say, I was a bit flabbergasted and almost forgot to thank them for their consideration. I always thank them afterwards. Always. Immediately I reckoned that something was wrong. Very wrong.

Maybe they were just playing me. They would leave in pretense, only to return after a few minutes. Counting on me being not to be bothered to get out of bed a second time. Been there, done that.

I took a few patrol laps around the park. They never returned. But something was still very wrong: With a turkish group I would have spent 30 minutes arguing. With the Serbs only around 15, but the would curse me in the end. The Poles would get very aggressive, usually threatening me to beat me up. But they would leave too.

That Is It!

And that was exactly what was wrong:

Most austrian kids have been educated into submission, partly by the stifling political climate, partly by the single-mom-who-needs-a-father society. Our immigrants here have to fight much harder to make a living. The power struggle between the Turks and the Serbs and the gang wars in my district are legend. The young are street-smart, resilient and some of them have pretty strong ambitions.

Then I realized that actually nothing is wrong: Cultural evolution is taking place.

Back to bed.

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