Cold Hearts and Cold Feet

They are everywhere. Whatever you buy nowadays which needs electrical power, it has a power adapter. And that comes from China. Fullstop.

And to allow simpler outsourcing and packaging the majority of devices come with an external adapter. And some of these are bigger and heavier than the device itself.

Which means for you that you loose real-estate on or under your desk:

And guess how much fun you have, when you move between continents. It takes a lot of force to put this into a european power outlet:

So you may end up buying new ones. Which is a challenge in itself, especially when you look at the variations in voltages and the variations in max. currents. I have here 12V/5A, 4.5V/0.75A, 12V/2A, 12V/3A, 19V/6.7A, 12V/5A, 3.7V/0.75A, 12V/2A. And these are only the DC ones.

These are the moments where I imagine myself buying the Rolls-Royce version of power supplies:

But I would have to sell half of my Maserati to get them. And what good is half a Maserati?

Chinese power adapters are supagiga-cheap (Australians alledgedly introduced this term), therefore of an abysmal quality, and they dissipate heat as if there is no tomorrow. And maybe there isn't.

The tiny one here

I cannot even touch for longer than 15 seconds. It is that hot.

But there is an upside (I can't help it, I'm just the eternal optimist): If it gets cold and icy in Vienna the phalanx of power adaptors perfectly warm my feet. And you can even use them for massage.

After all it's great. If they do not warm your heart, at least they warm your feet. Extreme capitalism works.

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