My Hell is Your Hell

You do not get too many disturbed students to see normally. Maybe at Bond University there are tendentially more because their enrollment process is more neutral relative to the student's capacity and is more biased towards the bigger potential in a student. I just love euphemisms.

So it did not happen very often that I got angry emails from students, but I remember one from this Chinese girl:

Robert, only because your life is hell, this does not mean that you must make everyone else's life hell too!

Now, if you were one of these whishiwhashy academic teaching providers who are concernedly concerned about any concerning concernedness of your supervisingingly supervising supervisors ... then you would probably wonder where all of a sudden this came from and probably ask back:


But otherwise you might also be tempted to email back to her:

Why not?

What has upset that poor girl? Well, she did not receive any marks for her first assignment in one of my courses.

Why not? Well, she did not submit anything.

Yes, I can be harsh at times.

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