Q & A (Part III)

I knew you would fold to my recent Bond University student question:

"Robert, I'm having difficulties answering some of the questions in the assignment. Can I send my private tutor to ask you a couple of questions?"

I just knew it.

This is because you do not have the Bond psychological experience (patent pending, I'm assured). What you can learn there is how to whiz through the 5 stages of Grief in Loss Of Self-Appreciation within a few nanoseconds:

  • Denial-Shock (115 picoseconds)
  • Bargaining (0 picosecs)
  • Anger (512 picosecs)
  • Despair (245 picosecs)
  • Acceptance (128 picosecs)

Once you have mastered that, you can then add your own personal flavour of coping. My style at the day was more along episcopal piety:

Is she (your tutor) pretty? Is she young? I hope she is not too young?

( Words stolen from the movie V for Vendetta where the paedophile bishop (Lilliman) talks to his aide. )

Amazingly, I never received further requests like these. Some things just work out of the box.

Enough. Another one. I hope I have not broken your guts:

"Robert, for the assignment, question 16: What exactly should I write there?
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