You're Ugly as Hell

Australians are an extremely polite bunch of people. On the verge to complete political correctness perhaps, but they definitely know how and when to chat someone up:

You're ugly as hell.

Ok, I have never deluded myself to be a 100% lookalike of George Clooney, but...

So I was standing some hours at the Bond University booth at one of these education fairs. It is not easy to get the attention of 15-year olds; maybe I should also add that I do not delude myself to look like Paris Hilton. But then again I do not fancy screaming teenagers.

Anyways, this Bond University marketing bloke came over to me. He was probably Footy player before his marketing job, at least according to his stature. And maybe sold carpets before that according to the sleazy white shirt. And worked in real estate before according to this ill-fated tie he wore and the plastic things on his feet he probably called shoes. Me there, in an European understatement look, so this time not wearing my Again: I'm NOT George. T-shirt.

And this creature dares to approach me with this:

You're ugly as hell.

For the next 60 seconds I got everyone's attention. Including that of all 15-years teenagers within 20 meters. My 60 seconds of fame.

Well, so I wished. In reality I caved in and bowed:

  • Yes, my beautiful master.

I also can be extremely polite.

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