Q & A (Part VII)

After all these years at Bond University I still encountered student questions where I had no proper response to them. Not even after years of pondering. For instance I'm still clueless about this:

"Robert, did you know that I can see you through the glass window?"

Now, given that most glass windows have as feature that you can see through them, this may not seem like an utterly earth shattering insight. On the other hand, Bond University is probably not the right place to expect earth shattering insights in the first place.

It is also not the case that the student in question would have liked me to know that he had watched me doing something nasty. I normally refrained from running around naked in the office. At least on work days.

But maybe he had observed me thinking (a pretty unusual sight) and actually doing some Perl programming work (and not just pretending). I feel most comfortable with this explanation, so let's go with that.

Another student stuck his head into my office and confronted me with a simple:

"Robert, did someone already tell you that you look like Tony Blair? Really!"

I mean, as if I had not already known that. Everyone knows that.

Finally, your assignment for this weekend (I'm early, I know). What would be a good answer to:

"Robert, this is my last trimester and I am not sure whether I can pass the exam. Can you do me a favor and ... I mean ... if there is only one or two marks missing.... you know ..."

Something edutaining please, my little possums.

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