Net::Citadel 0.01 Released

Citadel is a groupware server I have to use for one of my $$$jobs. You may have heard about it from the Uncensored service (well, I hadn't).

To work with Citadel you can use a PHP frontend (a bit dowdy, but brushed up with gentle touches of AJAX here and there), you can also use the citadel command line client (slim and fast) or you can Telnet into the server and remote-control it. The Citadel Protocol is a good'n'old-fashioned text-oriented protocol, so you send 4-letter commands with parameters to the server which responds with a status code and optional results.

Since we need such a remote control from a Perl-written application (more about that later, when my customer is not looking), I had a first stab at a Perl client, Net::Citadel.

Nota bene: The interface is bare-bones and definitely does not cover more than a small portion of Citadel's capability. If more were supported then you could also consider to have a more interesting and appealing user interface written in, say, Mason. Also one which better integrates into 3rd party products, something which the current PHP solution does not really lend to. Hence the exercise.

I will probably not make too many more efforts, unless you throw obscene amounts of chocolate (or money to buy chocolate) into my direction.

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