News Flash: Web Developers are still Human!

Ok, my wife convinced me (actually talked into, but I would never admit that) to buy one of these shiny LCD screens. We actually have no TV set - just having moved from the boring country back to Europe - so buying one, eventually makes sense.

As long as we do not have to watch TV, that is. After 8 years TV in Australia I've had enough of it for a while.

I have absolutely no idea about LCD screens and what the myriad of 4-letter acronyms of the month mean. Which implies a lot of online research, and digging through the databases of various online shops.

No, this blog entry is this time NOT about whishing the most painful doom upon web developers, actually quite the contrary as I felt a swoosh of sympathy when I stumbled over this:

It shows a message saying effectively:

"This product does not exist at the moment. We are working on it. Dumping content into databases is so sexy."

Where there is a certain, hidden truth. To figure this out is left as exercise for the reader.

[ Hint: Please note the subtle sarcasm in the message. ]

[ Note: Yeah, some of you need hints like the above, although they arguably spoil the whole story. Sigh. ]

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