Q & A (Part VIII)

I still owe you the proper response to the Bond University student question posed in Part VII of our mini-series.

"Robert, this is my last trimester and I am not sure whether I can pass the exam. Can you do me a favor and ... I mean ... if there is only one or two marks missing.... you know ..."

There are actually several reactions to this one, depending on your mood and your physical fitness:

  • If you know how to operate a Hanzo Sword, then the prudent thing is to jump up, whisker over the table, draw the sword and with one swift move decapitate the student.

Yes, I know, I know, there is a bit of blood gushing going on, but that will stop eventually. And this is why god created room cleaners.

On the other hand, spurious blood stains can work wonders in future student exchanges. And the satisfaction definitely is worth the paper work.

  • If you are more on the motionally challenged side (it is so important nowadays to remain politically correct), then there is a very energy-saving solution. You just set up an empty look, moan "oooaaauuuuhhhhh", make a completely debilitated face and - if you practice - you can start a bit of drooling as well. That does not violate any ethical rules and it balances nicely with your self-esteem.

Of course you can also add a hint of sarcasm and say something along these lines:

  • No prob, I'll give you marks if you get your student ID right.

See what I did here? I did not ask for the name. That would have been too easy.

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Great... :-/ I am still

Great... :-/ I am still missing _one_ exam for my BSC... So you are saying I really have to study.

Anonymous | Wed, 11/07/2007 - 02:35

No, I would never directly

No, I would never directly tell a student, what he (she) has to do. That would be like telling a 4-year old to wash his hands....

rho | Wed, 11/07/2007 - 10:04