At least I'm wearing my own underwear...

Fashion in Australia, so-called "Australian Fashion", sometimes also coined "Australian style" is an interesting anthropological concept. At least for an European. Or for a linguist. Or for an european linguist.

You cannot have too many eyebrows which you will want to raise when being confronted with attempts of being fashionable. Worse, Australians do not miss any opportunity to show off their interpretation of the concept fashion [1]:

This pair won the "Fashions on the Field" competition for best dressed at the Gold Coast Turf Club. That is a horse race venue, so your expectations may vary.

Natalie (left, in case you wondered) got her outfit from her girl-friend(s). Please do not comment that this shows. It would be utterly impolite. And she was also quoted joking:

"At least I'm wearing my own underwear and shoes, and I did manage to shower myself this morning,"

I think it's best is to leave it there.

Ben (that's the thing with the pink tie around its neck) was encouraged by his friends to enter the competition (Sure). I guess I can call myself lucky with my friends: they never would encourage me to do things like these. But then I also would not use a pink tie. Or a pink rose, or pink sunglasses, for that matter.

Judge Regina King said: "He was the only one standing there in line who had bothered to shine his shoes, ..."

Aaaaahh. Now everything makes perfect sense to me. Standard footware at the Gold Coast are thongs. No, no, no, not the thongs you Europeans might see in Bibione or Caorle worn by the 40+ german housewives. These thongs are actually sandals and they make this "flip-flop" sound. So when 10 (or less) students leave your lecture, then the "flippedly-floppedly-flippedly" is the only sound you hear.

You can get used to that. You can get used to anything.

PS: I'm also wearing my own underwear.

[1] We will have to talk about this more.

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Don't be a hater.

First of all, where are you from, and why do you have so much criticism of Australians? Without them, the rest of the world could not have perfected beer drinking on the beach after surfing while wearing a thong (no, not that kind of thong). I laughed my head off at this post, then I took a shower.

Boston DUI lawyers (not verified) | Fri, 12/17/2010 - 08:39

Re: Don't be a hater

I always felt that hate is the only real feeling.

.... so much criticism of Australians

Nothing personal. You should hear what I say about the rest of the world population.

rho | Sat, 02/12/2011 - 09:41