Mostly Harmless (Curious George, I)

I was just about to drive my Hyundai into Bundall road to turn southwards for the weekend. Little drops of rain fell on the front screen. I knew the rain would not last. It's Australian rain, fake rain.

The staff meeting at Bond University was still going through my head. I was happy. But I did not know why.

The meeting occurred after the former dean Ron Davison had left the building and the faculty was downgraded to a School. That had lingered on for some more weeks, until someone called George Earl was appointed as interim head.


George Earl's approach to management was refreshingly clearcut:

"I am clueless what is involved, and I do not care."
"And I do not want to be bothered."
"And if you have an issue, then .... someone of you can pick it up."

The rest was the usual I am so concerned about my concernedness, that it almost hurts management lingo. Nothing unaustralian here.

I was amused to see a guy being the prototypical british aristocrat. Born to rule. White supremacy stuff. People like him were probably the reason why british colonialists were so hated all over the globe. At least when you believed Errol Flynn pirate movies.

Too bad that George's last name was not King. That would have been perfect.

My colleagues did not seem to take George's demeaning demeanor so lightly. Even people with first-class poker faces showed open signs of anger. Only on the way home I realized why this is so. Unlike me, almost none of them would find a comparable job at the Gold Coast, in Queensland or anywhere else in Australia. And most of them were stranded on the Island. So George carelessly played with their future.

The rain had ceased. And now I knew why I was happy.

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