Exodus (T - 1 week)

The lawyer held up the agreement I had signed together with Iain Morisson, head of the IT school at Bond University:

"Of course it is binding."

Andrew Walker was the leading legal employment specialist and partner at the law firm Quinn & Scattini.

"Yeah, and it's Bond again. They just shafted someone very badly from the Medical School. They seem to have a track record here."

I was not sure whether he just wanted to scare us, but we were already highly concerned and sensibilized. Moving from one continent to another is not a trivial exercise, takes careful planning, significant logistics. And to add to the stress, it means that you have to live out of 2 suitcases for months.

And now Bond is playing dirty. Even Iain Morrison himself had been pretty annoyed at some point:

"Chris Andrews already agreed to the deal, but now he wants me to declare that the position is not to be refilled. Argh."

He shook his head, but he sent an email to this effect to Chris Andrews, who eventually responded that the final payment will be then made tax-effective.

Curtain, Act I, Scene V

Wed, April 25th: The last incarnation of the formal letter had arrived. But instead of honoring what we already had, Iain Morrison had included more duties on my side:

  • I would help to develop a future web site for the school.

No, no further details. Except maybe this:

  • I would have to support and advise the school for two further months.

And yes, two months after the contract had ended.

I urged Iain to at least include the email from Chris Andrews regarding the tax-effective payment, but he was reluctant to do so. Obviously he is playing is own dirty game here. And to keep promises, or to respect signed agreements is probably quite unaustralian. Or maybe he is just stoned, like all the others.

Sigh, anyway this is lawyer time. But actually I was relieved that I do not have to deal with the natives any more.

So I thought.

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