A Good Thing about Bond University

Ok, I think it's time to say something good about Bond University.

For me it was the perfect place to teach information technologies. So when and how to organize the information in your organization into relational-, XML-, object-, ontological-, or text databases and when and how to introduce information services at all.

Why? Because Bond did everything wrong what you could do possibly wrong. Data management, for instance, was mainly based on a message-based technology called

"I forward you the Excel sheet which I got forwarded from someone else, can you please fix some of the cells and mail it back to me so that I can merge this with all other changes which other people have mailed me in between? Thx!".

which is known to perform suboptimal under any load.

Class lists - which actually are stored in a database - are exported regularily into ONE excel sheet which can then be read and perused by everyone on a shared drive. And whenever someone keeps it open it will be globally locked by that single reader. That sheet is then maintained parallel to the database copy.

So students could learn first-hand the external effects: being enrolled 4 times into the same course (and paying that many times, but different prices). Or not being enrolled at all inspite several interventions. This is just the most perfect motivator. And my students had a lot of entertainment on the way. There is a reason that on my business card it reads Academic Entertainer.

In this vein, Bond University is also the most natural candidate for a whole series of research results about managerial incompetence. So it is not surprising that Google alerts us now the 10th time about a study they did over in the Business School:

"The fact that 64.2 per cent of the respondents indicated that either nothing at all or something positive happened to the bad leader is rather remarkable - remarkably disturbing," they wrote.

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Disturbing? Yes. Remarkable? Uhm, no. What is more disturbing is that you cannot find the study itself in Bond's own publication repository.

Which seems to prove my earlier point.

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lol. Is this the first time

lol. Is this the first time that you posted something good about bond university?

Anonymous (not verified) | Mon, 11/23/2009 - 19:26

Re: Is this the first time

that you posted something good ...

No, it isn't. Actually every entry about Bond is ... something good. It depends for whom it is good, though.

rho | Mon, 11/23/2009 - 19:46