The Ethical Challenge

Also, weil wir gerade so gemuetlich beisammensitzen ... what about yet another tiny story about Bond University? I'm sure the Vice Chancellor - who might be hawkishly monitoring the site - would appreciate that one.

So, this is about a completely hypothetical dean, let's call him HypoDean and his HypoSon who is studying Computer Science on the same HypoUni. The HypoSon (this sounds all very japanese, not?) has a HypoExam, and - incidentially - takes the whole exam paper (HypoPaper, sure) with him home. HypoHome, probably.

HypoHours after the HypoExam he turns up at the HypoLecturer and asks him to hypoaccept the HypoPaper. He had forgotten to hyposubmit it.

So, this is where you come in. Would you have hypoaccepted the HypoPaper? The reasoning being that you perfectly trust the student. The reasoning certainly not being that it is always good to have done a favour to a HypoDean who happens to be your immediate hyposuperior. Or would the HypoYou have been orthodox and would have rejected the HypoPaper?

Go to the polls, good man.

You would like to know what hypoactually happened? Let's not talk about it.

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