Higher Education, the daily grind

Being Associate Professor at a private, world-class university may have the whizbang sound (and it can be fun, sometimes), but it also exposes you to a rich variety of social backgrounds. And it involves you into more or less highly intellectual discussions, with colleagues as with students. Such as the following between HI (a student) and some lecturer RHO who wants to remain anonymous:

  • HI: For this assignment we have to make on this application server Zope, .... I have created a login for me in Zope, but now my Zope is dead.
  • RHO: You mean your account does not work? What is your web site there which you have created yesterday?
  • HI: I don't know, I forgot. Something with 'BN' or something.
  • RHO: Let's see. It must be then BNRealty. OK, and there is one account with the name HI.
  • HI: Uh, I see, I used this name, OK, Thx!

One day later (and closer to the submission date):

  • HI: I still cannot login.
  • RHO: Maybe you forgot your password as well. Let's create a new account..... so now there is an account 'half' with password 'half'.
  • HI: OK, 'half', 'half'.
  • RHO: Right.

Hours later (again closer to the deadline):

  • HI: I still cannot login.
  • RHO: Mmm, what web site do you use?
  • HI: Something with BNRealtor.
  • RHO: Mmmmm, I thought it was BNRealty. You created that yourself.
  • HI: Ah, so. Could this be the reason that this does not work?
  • RHO: Yes. Probably. I mean...

Hours later (and hours before the deadline):

  • HI: I still cannot login. The 'Half'/'Half' account does not work.
  • RHO: It is 'half', 'half'. You watched me when I typed it in.
  • HI: Ah, with a small 'h'. RHO, this is all rather complicated, I have to say.
  • RHO: It seems so, but I want my students to be the very best.
  • HI: Uh, ok.

See how a master lecturer and top psychologist has worked through this conversation? I told you, you can learn something here.

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