Content Landscape (Part II)

In the first installment of this micro series I tried to make the point that different content paradigms are here for a reason and that the very fact of life should be accepted, not ignored.

Each paradigm organizes content in its own way, either using a set of tables, a hierarchy of object classes, a tree-like structure, graphs (semantic networks), or just as natural language text.

What is also worth noting is that the different paradigms can deal with different levels of irregularity. That is \

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News Flash: Web Developers are still Human!

Ok, my wife convinced me (actually talked into, but I would never admit that) to buy one of these shiny LCD screens. We actually have no TV set - just having moved from the boring country back to Europe - so buying one, eventually makes sense.

As long as we do not have to watch TV, that is. After 8 years TV in Australia I've had enough of it for a while.

I have absolutely no idea about LCD screens and what the myriad of 4-letter acronyms of the month mean. Which implies a lot of online research, and digging through the databases of various online shops.

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