Globalization Entertainment Inc.

Some naive people on this planet still think that I have invented globalization, and invented it just that you can get the cheap, low quality goods from China.

No, in fact my Intelligent Design was driven by a much deeper principle:

It is the i\rho{}ny, stupid!

Ok, I'll try to give you an example in the distant hope that you gain some insight into my divine work.

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Dell World Police

I am on the run. I am on the run from WoDePo, the World Dell Police. But I am innocent. I swear. Sort of, because I swear a lot.

Act I

When escaping from Australia I brought with me my Dell Inspiron laptop (aka The - stinkingly hot - Brick). This very act was probably highly illegal, and for many months I simply got away with it.

But even highly-trained ter\rho{}rists like me make mistakes. In my case I managed to damage The Brick. Disk was ok, but The Brick would not boot any more. Obviously something motherboard-ish.

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Parodically Closed

One of my loyal readers (or should I say my only loyal reader?) has sent me a link (loyal readers do that) to


That is a parody - so it claims - of the U.S. governmental site


which - so it claims - informs the U.S. public (and hence the world) about the dangers caused by the post-Bushian world order.

Let me point out: This is all very wrong.

  • First, Safenow.org completely misinterprets most of the symbols. So for example, 1
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