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Robert's Teaching Tip of the Day (Tip 3)

One of the things we at Bond University struggled with was to keep the kids entertained and in the class rooms.

For that, a colleague of mine (aka Dr. Evil) had devised a cunning approach: While the lecture notes were electronically available (as Word documents), before any lecture you could only download a version where half of the content was blanked out. For the students to fill out during class. After every lecture the full document was made available.

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Robert's Teaching Tip of the Day (Tip 2)

Bond University has recently celebrated its 20th birthday. According to the vice chancellor, Robert Stable, Bond is well on its way to join the Ivy League, Harvard, Yale and Princeton. This, so I read amused, is driven by Bond's epic struggle towards academic excellence. It has definitely nothing to do with any Porsches or Maseratis in the student parking lot.

As I happened to accompany Bond on its Golden Path to enlightenment and have seen the business model from the inside, I have skimmed their tricks of trade in the process. Tricks I'm ready to share with you.

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So, How Bond is That?

Another outworld-ish experience I had at Bond University was when attending examiner meetings.

I never really figured out what these meetings at the end of each teaching trimester were supposed to achieve. But neither did any of my colleagues. The meetings were held after all (centrally scheduled) exams and everyone happily showed up. So I did too.

What we did there - under the competent supervision of the dean of the day - is to look at every students' mark in every single course.


What we looked for were anomalies, such as a

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Robert's Teaching Tip of the Day (Tip 1)

Having worked at one of bestest, worldclassest and mostest prestigest universities at the Gold Coast has always inspired me. Well, at least my secret diary.

You can learn a lot from watching how others at Bond University teach, what they say in class and what they say privately. And also what books they use for teaching.

Impressive to me was the use of Thomson books, such as Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 and their unimitable style to transport technology.

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The Ethical Challenge

Also, weil wir gerade so gemuetlich beisammensitzen ... what about yet another tiny story about Bond University? I'm sure the Vice Chancellor - who might be hawkishly monitoring the site - would appreciate that one.

So, this is about a completely hypothetical dean, let's call him HypoDean and his HypoSon who is studying Computer Science on the same HypoUni. The HypoSon (this sounds all very japanese, not?) has a

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