I Found(ed a) Religion!

[Beware: Topic Maps ahead.]

Once you reach a certain age, you seriously ask yourself whether this has been be all: wealth, fame and many beautiful women.

It is the time when you look for a more integrated meaning in the universe. A meaning which transcends all levels of abstraction. And a processing model which gets rid of the silly separation between programming language and semantic data store with its static knowledge.

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TM Stack: I Beg To Differ

Every now and then I see typical stack diagrams depicting the standards landscape in TM and in RDF land.

While the relationship between TMRM and TMDM is mostly represented correctly, that is, that TMDM constructs can be couched in terms provided by TMRM, the rest of the usual diagrams does not reflect my understanding.

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TM One Language (to rule them all)

Recently Dmitry made some remarks which got me thinking that we do not have yet the correct approach to the property issue:

Properties are a universal mechanism that can be used for many purposes. One of them is mapping from TMDM representation to "nice" CTM representation. RDF mapping is another one. Mapping to object oriented languages is also simplified with properties.

It is definitely true that - if we had an explicit

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WIAWTD: Topic Maps Ontology Language (TMOL)

This is obviously in the What I always wanted to do rubric. So if you happen to be one of these bored multi-billionaires, or alternatively, a research director for a semantic services R&D department using Topic Maps - normally my readers fall broadly into these two categories - then maybe this is for you to consider.

In an earlier version of TMQL (not the one which is discussed for standardization now) we allowed for developers to define their own functions and their own predicates. For a function the idea was to

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