Wolf in Sheep's Clothings (Part III)

I still have my eyeballs fixated on the AllegroGraph server. Since v3.2 it has a new HTTP server exposing a pretty RESTful interface (not perfect, but close) derived from Sesame.

The Python client shipped with the distribution is using it, so I wondered how this would pan out in Perl. Pan out on CPAN, so to say. Last weekend I did some tinkering and concocted a first, naive Perl client.

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Working with Redland RDF and a DIG Reasoner

(by Lara Spendier, adaptions by rho)

RDF::Redland is the Perl wrapper around the Redland RDF libraries. With it you can read, write and query RDF graphs.

While Redland supports SPARQL to a large degree, there is no support for OWL, or any other kind of reasoning. This is where RDF::Redland::DIG kicks in: It is an extension to exchange information with a DIG reasoner, i.e.

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Tutorial: Jena Semantic Web Framework

Today I was poking around the Jena RDF Framework, mostly to figure out how one would use an OWL reasoner there.

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