HTTP::Request & Friends Too Memory-Happy

Now that my maps and all the supporting vector space data is getting larger, I noticed that HTTP::Request (as well as HTTP::Response) are not overly economic when it comes to memory usage.

The Problem Definition

Let us look at the following code

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Module::Build Double::Plus::Good

For my latest Perl projects I have switched from ExtUtils::MakeMaker with its Makefile.PL to Module::Build.

So far I have been using it quite naively, but this time I had special requirements:

I am packaging a server (TM::IP), so there are not only Perl packages and a client-side script (ts), but also the daemon code and the configuration files:

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TM::IP RESTful in Peace

I had mentioned earlier that have now reorganized my new TM server (based on Catalyst/mod_perl/Apache) along the REST paradigm. In my case this means that not only TM data, but also documents attached to it, vector spaces, and so forth are exposed RESTfullish.

At first this appeared to be more RESTfoolish as it was quite difficult to squeeze everything into a GET/PUT/POST corset. And it also was much more work than I had planned to invest, mostly because not only the original resources, but also all machine learning processes have to be exposed, and if it is only their configuration parameters. And they have plenty.

But I seem to have reaped the benefits much earlier than anticipated. Read on.

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TM::IP RESTful map surfaces

One of the many pieces in my puzzle are surfaces of topic maps. When computed these are simply PNG files. There will be different resolutions of these surface (maps), depending on how much content is involved.

As I want to integrate this into my TM::IP landscape, the best is to follow the pattern I used with TM::IP::Documents and have another Catalyst controller doing the work.

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TM::IP RESTful documents

Last year I extended my Topic Maps implementation into several directions. One was to host also documents as part of a topic map. With such a construct you can do a number of things: Have a fulltext search over the map, have text-to-map transformations, or build graphical map representations.

Now this is all good and well when working with an API and having all local on a box.

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Republish: TMIP Paper

Obviously there has been quite some interest in the original TMIP specification. For this reason I figured that some people would also appreciate an online version of the paper elaborating on the spec. It contains a number of typical use cases.

Nota Bene: This is ancient history (2005).

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Republish: RESTful TM Interaction Protocol 0.3

Since I have to do some internal reshuffling and have no access to the Bond ^%&^%&^ servers anymore, I have republished my original TMIP (TM interaction protocol) specification.

I will probably have to make a few changes in the near future, some of which are triggered by changes in TMQL.

In terms of more RESTful protocols the TM community seems to have quite a few:

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TMIP, Topic Maps Interaction Protocol

Specs and stuff.

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