Wolf in Sheep's Clothings (Part I)

The other week at the Triple-I conference Andreas Blumauer mentioned to me AllegroGraph as a product which can do geospatial and temporal reasoning. I was not deterred by their criminally 90'ish web site (Update 4.4.09: there is now a new flashy design!) and downloaded their free Java edition with an upper limit of 50,000,000 triples.

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It slowly dawns on me why people actually like Java. It is not the efficiency. And also not the elegance. Or readability.

No, it is "Die Freude am Fahren" (normally the BMW motto), i.e. the joy to really express oneself, best without pretending to have any agenda. And to do this as often and noisiest as possible:

Binding binding =

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The Java Drivel

"... and for this I will use a factory generator factory which gives me references to a repository manager."

I gave the Java engineer a blank stare.

  • "What?"

He leaned back in his chair and crossed his hands behind his head apparently relaxing.

"That's the way to do it in Java."

I already could see another 200 MB main memory going down the drain and into the bowel of some Java application. And the start-up time would reach lunch-break dimensions.

My whole IT life was passing before my inner eye. I remembered the Z80 with the whopping 1MHz

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