Only a Ubuntu User is a Happy OSX User

I own my MacBook now for a year, having been convinced by a friend. He - like me - had become tired of fiddling around with kismet and iwconfig just to make networking work at this conference, or at that meeting.


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Recipe: Installing ImageMagick Perl Bindings on Mac OSX

Ideally, one would expect that this works the orthodox way using MacPorts:

$ port install ImageMagick
$ port install p5-perlmagick

The first problem here is ImageMagick itself, as it depends on xorg-libX11 and that expects xproto which I do not have.

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Perl TM on Mac OSX

Yesterday I wondered how much effort it would be to install the Perl TM distribution on a MacBook Pro.

Of course I made sure that the Xcode 3.0 developer tools were installed from the shipped DVD, and amazingly enough a cpan frontend to the CPAN mirror servers was already installed together with the Perl 5.8.8 there.

Then the usual incantation:

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