ESW, Task II, Submission Modalities

Anmeldung ab Wann?

  • ab 29. 1. 2009

Anmeldung Wo?

  • 2. Stock -> Glastuer
  • rechts davon ein Aushang mit 2 x A4 mit Zeitraster 9:00 - 18:00
  • Achtung: 20. Jaenner links, 21.
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ESW 2008 Assignment II


  • A certification authority (CA) issues certificates to certifiable entities, such as persons and organisations. A CA itself is an organisation.
  • After that a person or organisation is said to hold the certificate.
  • A certificate has a unique ID, a key length (in Kbits) and exactly one of the following purposes: email, e-government, developer, contracting.
  • CAs hold revocation lists where they list all certificates which have been revoked.
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ESW, Task I, Submission Modalities

Anmeldung wo?

(siehe Anhang fuer groessere Version)

  • 2. Stock
  • Glastuer
  • rechts davon Aushang mit 2 x A4, mit ESW gekennzeichnet

Anmeldung wie?

  • Jede Gruppe traegt sich mit ihren Matrikelnummern ein.
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ESW 2008 Assignment I


The curricula for Bachelor- und Masterstudien der Informatik at the Technische Universitaet Wien have been published as LaTeX documents.

All information therein about particular subjects, their titles, modalities and other specifics, into which topical focus they fall, etc.

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ESW 2008 Artefacts

Lecture 6.10.

  • Modest Content Theory (see attachments)

Lecture 13.10.

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ESW 2008 Organisation

Einf├╝hrung in Semantic Web

Code @ tuwien: 188.399 at WS 2008


Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Robert (\rho) Barta (switch the c and the dot)

<blockcode type="astma">
rho isa person,
who is-employed-at arcs,
which isa research-center
located-in austria,
! Robert Barta
! nick : rho
! academic-title : Dipl.-Ing.

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ESW 2008


  • 6.2.2009 10:56: I have just submitted the results of the exam (and the lab assignments) to the university. These will be posted at the usual place. On paper which is low-tech, but working. The results will be held back for a week or so, before they will be forwarded to the central administration.
  • 1.2.2009 16:54: Marking of exams is very cumbersome and slow. Still 4 questions are missing. Maybe some time next week.
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ESW End Term Exam Information

General rules:

  • open book: you can bring anything with you, that is anything, which is not human
  • language: the text and your answers will be in English,
  • duration: test will last about 2 hours
  • identity proof: bring some document with you which links you with a student ID (Matrikelnummer)

Sample Tests

See the attachments.

Here is a sample of the kind of questions you might expect:

  • Given a particular (set of) DL definition(s), what is their equivalent in FOL (first order logic)?
  • Given a particular FOL expression, what is the equivalent \
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