The Mr. Peppers Minting PSIs

CatBert was in a very aggressive mood. He had interviewed me all day on subject identification and how it worked for the Topic Maps and the RDF stack.

But the longer he investigated, the more poignant his remarks became. This evening he even meant: Robert, I am getting tired of the lack of imagination in the semantic web community.
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CatBert on EU Research

I was still somewhat drowsy this morning when I entered my office. CatBert was already up and had occupied my chair. Curiously he browsed through my email and did not even take notice of me.

As I had yet too little energy to start another conversation I turned to the kitchen preparing the coffee. Only the soft "thump" sound coming from the office told me the CatBert had jumped off the chair and had followed me.

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CatBert's Conference Carousel

I was just finishing up my last Perl test case for the day, when CatBert hopped onto the table. He sat down just behind the laptop screen and fixated me.

He knew exactly that this drives me crazy as we had been playing this game before. Obviously he wanted to tell me something.

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CatBert on F{}OWL Ontologies (S01E02)

CatBert was sitting in front of his CatBook. He again made this hissing sound letting me know that he is onto something.

"Ok, what is it today?"
"Uhm, no. What about it?"
  • "Well, this guy is observing that many Semantic Web organisations, conferences, companies, etc. have not put their own content into RDF form.
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