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Déjà vu (Back To The Roots of Evil)

In an earlier life I was designer and developer of Internet shops. This was a time when Perl-o-saurs roamed the planet and the only game in web server town was "Apache with CGI". No mod_perl2 goodness, no MVC bloat, just good-n-old-n-slow CGI.

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Classful Glassful Despairment

In this summer I mentioned the idea of bringing the despairment posters onto classy glass trophies. That is one of the things we will add to the glass trophy line we constantly expand.

Here is the first alpha version how this could look like:

It is not a bad attempt, but there are many things which are not perfect: The yellow does not harmonize with the glass color (light green), the text is a bit fuzzy.

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My Trophy Wife

It is now about a year that my wife has taken over the small trophy family business Barta Pokale.

It has been a steep learning curve for us as the long-established business suffered from several legacies. Now that we removed most of it and turned the business around, we have started to modernize the portfolio.

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The Business of Appreciation

One of the awards in life which await you when you (a) have a family and (b) have earned a Ph.D. in computer science is that you are promoted to 1st, 2nd and 3rd level IT support. And if you are immensely lucky you become the CTO of the family business en passe.

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