Topic Maps Semantic Meshup (Part I)

Hi! CatBert here.


Gosh. Robert is soooo easy to play: I only had to show him how a web application can be expressed with my TM based language TempleScript. As expected, he first appeared to be all negative about it, but I just know him too well. Now he is hooked and off doing the conceptual footwork for me.

Which allows me to sleep more and dream up more ambitious things:

A Topic Maps based mashup infrastructure.
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TempleScript: Subject Locator Patterns

Obviously I managed to send CatBert back into deep depression (he saw that coming, trust me).
While he sleeps in his favourite armchair, I can steal back my ideas and tuck them safely away into an academic paper. So maybe another RDFascist can entertain me with a negative review. As if a man with a vision would care.

Locator Patterns

Among the things I want to add to TempleScript are subject locator patterns. Here is the use case:

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Post-Modern WebApp Development

Life is full of coincidences: First I followed with interest the Ontopia web dev tutorial, then I had my more-or-less regular "TM brain storming pizza lunch appointment" with Robert (Cerny), keeping my head spinning with ideas for days. And just earlier I was passing by CatBert's office.

He was lazily typing on his CatBook:

http://kill.devc.at/system/files/angry-cat-small.jpg Look what I have done with my language TempleScript!

Actually TempleScript was our idea, but CatBert had started to take ownership.

Eating Your Own CatFood

His screen showed:

index isa web:page
  = http://my.app.com/index
return  "Hello App!"

http://kill.devc.at/system/files/angry-cat-small.jpg This is a complete web application written in TempleScript!
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