DeepZoom: new Graphics::DZI release

There are two major additions:

  • The first allows you to use a whole image stack as canvas for your image pyramid.
  • The other provides you with a more convenient and shorter way where things are supposed to be stored.

Image Stacks

The amazing Image::Magick package can cope with images which are linked together:

use Image::Magick;
my $image = Image::Magick->new;

If you resiz

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DeepZoom (Part II): The Graphics::DZI API

(continued from Part I)

When you need to integrate the generation of DZI image pyramids into your own infrastructure, you should look first at Graphics::DZI::Files and not its superclass Graphics::DZI.

The Conventional Use Case

Objects of this class expect foremost the image to be tiled:

use Graphics::DZI::Files;
my $dzi = new Graphics::DZI::Files (image => $image);

As detailed in the manual page, you can add more parameters, such as tile size or the format.

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DeepZoom (Part I): The deepzoom Script

If installed properly, the Graphics::DZI distribution should also contain a script deepzoom which can be used from the command line.

With it you can take an image (in any format ImageMagick can interpret) and generate the image pyramid as necessary for deep zooming with the Seadragon AJAX client.

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Graphics::DZI Developer Release

This weekend I managed to package up Graphics::DZI. It is a naive implementation of the DeepZoom mechanism as used in Seadragon.

The API is not completely stable; first I will have to integrate the piece into my semantic map generation infrastructure.

I also need to better understand how to deal with very sparse maps.

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