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If a hypothetical student brings you a hypothetical exam paper hours after the exam claiming he had just forgotten to hand it in

The Ethical Challenge

Also, weil wir gerade so gemuetlich beisammensitzen ... what about yet another tiny story about Bond University? I'm sure the Vice Chancellor - who might be hawkishly monitoring the site - would appreciate that one.

So, this is about a completely hypothetical dean, let's call him HypoDean and his HypoSon who is studying Computer Science on the same HypoUni. The HypoSon (this sounds all very japanese, not?) has a

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YAPC::Europe 2007 Impressions

Because of work I had only 1.5 days time to consume YAPC::Europe, so this entry cannot be representative of the event. But you would not have expected a neutral report from me anyway.

I was suprised about the size of the conference. The plenum almost filled the AudiMax of the WU Wien (University of Economics). Organisation was smooth, maybe I was missing a bit more "session management", so that the speakers were introduced a bit at the start and the question time is moderated.

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Fuckingly Stupid (Or Megaclever?)

"They are fuckingly stupid."

These were the famous last words I heard from a colleague of mine before he left Bond University. Not that I had reason to doubt his assessment for a second, he had to deal a lot with other middle management and also the upper management echelon (Australians just love this expression).

But for an Australian to say such a thing in a corporstralian environment was remarkable in itself.

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Tarpitting with Apache and mod_security2

Like any other superhero, I like to fight the evil in this world. At least on Sundays.

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Parodically Closed

One of my loyal readers (or should I say my only loyal reader?) has sent me a link (loyal readers do that) to


That is a parody - so it claims - of the U.S. governmental site


which - so it claims - informs the U.S. public (and hence the world) about the dangers caused by the post-Bushian world order.

Let me point out: This is all very wrong.

  • First, Safenow.org completely misinterprets most of the symbols. So for example, 1
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